10 Session Coaching Package

Services Included

  • 1-to-1 coaching
  • Bach Remedies
  • eMail support
  • Life Balance Tools
  • Text support

In our experience there are four key strategies for creating health:

  1. Stress release techniques and habits
  2. Whole foods nutrition
  3. Regular exercise you enjoy
  4. A connection with Source (something higher than yourself)

Each time you experience emotional imbalance like guilt, anger, low self-esteem, fear, sadness, an associated level of stress can arise. This stress puts you at risk for illness. This is where you have the opportunity to transform the path to illness by creating a pattern of self-awareness…by identifying daily how you feel and setting an intention to re-balance and release any negativity/imbalances.
This comprehensive program provides you with 10 Session Coaching Package and works with you on the motivation to take on the other strategies and stick with them. Stress is created by the mind. Master your mind and stress levels will dissolve.

When triggered by another person or situation, you can learn how to release the emotional charge. Practice neutrality. We’ll show you tips on how to do so. Research in neuroplasticity reveals that our brain really can transform at any age, and our actions can burn in new programs to support the transform over time. Getting started is sometimes the difficult part and that is where we can help. This is the perfect program to help when you are struggling with an unfulfilling career, overwhelming responsibilities, dealing with the illness of a family member or friend, managing the stress associated with caring for an aging parent, struggling with work/life balance, feeling generally disorganized or you are frustrated by regularly setting more goals than you achieve.


  • Evaluate your sources of stress and satisfaction
  • Define what living in a state of harmony would feel like
  • Create your vision
  • Develop an action plan to clear the roadblocks to balance
  • Tools to help you succeed
  • Coaching support to keep you on track

WHAT’S INCLUDED (all or part of the items below as appropriate for your situation)

  1. Package of 10 individual life coaching sessions in person or via Skype
  2. Worksheets and training on stress release techniques
  3. Techniques to rewire your brain to support your goals
  4. Guidelines and sample recipes on whole food nutrition
  5. Tips and tricks to find and stick with an exercise program
  6. Support in connecting with your higher purpose
  7. Unlimited email and text support between sessions
  8. Guidance on your custom Bach Flower Remedy blend to enhance your progress

Is Life Coaching For You?

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