5 Session Coaching Package

Services Included

  • 1-to-1 coaching
  • Bach Remedies
  • eMail support
  • Life Balance Tools
  • Text support

Sometimes life throws us challenges that require a quick realignment to get us back on our typically solid path. We may lose focus due to being overwhelmed with work or family pressures or we may have expanded responsibilities that will require additional support to get ourselves organized.

The 5 Session Coaching Package follows the same principals as the 10 Session Coaching Package but is designed to be a rapid intervention for non-chronic stress situations where our neural patterns have not yet become deeply rooted in our subconscious. Examples may include dealing with the sudden stress of a career transform, overwhelming responsibilities associated with managing your “To Do” list or defining and achieving better health and fitness goals.


  • Evaluate your sources of stress and satisfaction
  • Define what living in a state of harmony would feel like
  • Create your vision
  • Develop an action plan to clear the roadblocks to balance
  • Tools to help you succeed
  • Coaching support to keep you on track

WHAT’S INCLUDED (all or part of the items below as appropriate for your situation)

  1. Package of 5 individual life coaching sessions in person, by phone or via Skype.
  2. Worksheets and training on stress release techniques
  3. Guidelines and sample recipes on whole food nutrition
  4. Tips and tricks to find and stick with an exercise program
  5. Unlimited email and text support between sessions
  6. Guidance on your custom Bach Flower Remedy blend to enhance your progress

Is Life Coaching For You?

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