A Mindful New Year – Intentions Above Resolutions

zcsirkin Life Lessons

Change is inevitable. It is happening all around us, every second of every day. As the New Year approaches, we will once again bear witness to change. New Year’s Day symbolizes more than just a flip of the calendar page. It brings with it new beginnings, opportunities, a chance to reflect and grow. In actuality, we get these chances every day. But we are often so wrapped up in our lives, for one reason or another, that we miss the beautiful, incredible opportunities for change that are presented in life.

Mindfulness allows us to maintain active observation and keen awareness of all that surrounds us—change, growth, stillness. You hear a lot about being mindful nowadays, in all areas of life — physical activities like yoga; health-related areas such as nutrition, alcohol consumption, sleeping; parenting, school and work, and even leisure time. But mindfulness is more than a passing fancy; it’s an intentional approach to a more fulfilling life.

Being intentional and being mindful go hand in hand. Intention shapes our thoughts, our words, our actions. This determines our behaviors, which affects our bodily expressions and sculpts our very character and personality, and ultimately, what we look like. Understanding this tells us just how important a role mindful intention plays in our lives.

Mindfulness is the stillness before movement — the blank canvas before we design our world with our actions and words. It puts us in a passive place of open attention, where we have time for reflection and introspection without judgment or rash decisions. With mindfulness, we hold space for intentionality, and we notice things and appreciate them in a deeper, more wholehearted way.

Our intention creates our reality —Wayne Dyer

The New Year brings a blank canvas that we can paint with every color of our hearts. It is the revolution of another year of growth and change. Approaching it from a place of mindful intention, rather than setting hopeful resolutions, allows us to be present and intentional about each and every day.

Yes, resolutions are goals, and setting goals often comes from an intentional place of seeking improvement. There is nothing wrong with resolutions and goal-setting — except they take us away from being present in our actions. We see the forest, but not the trees. What happens is that we get so focused on the end result of this goal, this resolution, that we aren’t being mindful on our path to get there.

A mindful and intentional new year eliminates the pressure we put on ourselves; it gives us a chance to breathe. In that space of breathing, we can find stillness, and we synchronize our minds, hearts, and bodies with intention — rather than a checklist of goals.

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