How to Accomplish Your Goals: 3 Tips to Help You Be an Achiever

zcsirkin Life Coaching, Self Care

If you want to learn how to accomplish your goals, consider this—your brain craves routine, even when the routine you’ve created for yourself is unhealthy.

I’ve worked with many people who want to set and accomplish their goals, and one thing I’ve noticed is that it doesn’t really matter how big or how small the goal is: if you want to accomplish something, you’ve got to focus on the process and tweak it to suit your needs if you meet resistance.

So, how to accomplish your goals? Try these three tips to get started.

Create a Habit to Accomplish Your Goals

Let’s say you want to eat healthier meals. Maybe you eat too many sweets or don’t practice portion control when making dinner. Whatever your current habit is, you shouldn’t think of trying to change as depriving yourself—instead, think of it as creating a new habit to follow.

A recent article by Neuron demonstrates that our habits and our goals are stored in different regions of the brain. To convert your goals into habits, all you have to do is make those habits automatic. Easy, right?

Well, if you practice new actions—such as eating from a smaller plate to prevent overeating—it actually can be. The trick is to be consistent, even when you really want to slide back into your old habits.

You can even make consistency easy to accomplish. For instance, if you’re trying to give up or reduce the amount of chocolate you eat, try not keeping any in the house.

Get More of that Feel Good Energy

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got a to-do list to help you get through your day. I just love checking off those items one by one. In fact, it gives me a little rush each time I tick a box. Why? According to science, it’s because of dopamine.

Dopamine, commonly known as the “feel good” neurotransmitter, is responsible for that little burst of energy you feel when you accomplish something. When you associate this feeling with an action, you will be more likely to repeat that action. Think back to how creating a habit can help you accomplish your goals. Do you see why consistency is so important? A dopamine craving is something that you want to feed.

Try a Change of Scenery

You might think that your habits are a measure of your mental fortitude. But what if I told you that it’s not all in your head. If you’ve struggled to stick to your goals in the past, it might be time to try something new—namely, a change of scenery.

Your brain is a master at associating your surroundings with a specific situation. This is why many people try to break bad habits while they are on vacation or when they start a new job. It is literally a fresh start, a chance to make a change within yourself while and form new mental connections with your environment that foster healthier habits.

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