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Advice from a Miami Life Coach: Signs You Need a New Job

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Do you feel like you’re drowning at work? Does it feel like a chore to go into the office every day? As a Miami life coach, I’ve seen plenty of examples of workplace burnout, and while not all of them mean that a new job is necessary, there are some signs that should make you stop and think whether your current job is really the best fit for you.

If you’ve been struggling at work recently, keep an eye out for these signs.

You Constantly Need to Vent about Your Job to Family and Friends

Getting things off your chest is healthy. That’s actually part of my job as a Miami life coach: I give people an outlet to express their feelings to a sympathetic ear. It helps you cope with pressure and stress and can put things into perspective. But if the only topic of conversation that you find yourself engrossed in is how awful your job or the people at work are, then it’s possible that you work in a toxic environment.

Stress Keeps You from Sleep

If you have trouble falling asleep or you wake in the middle of the night because of stress from your job, it might be time to look for new work. Sleep is an essential part of a healthy life, and if your job is getting in the way of your mental and physical health by taking away your sleep, that’s a sign that your job might not be the best one for you.

Your Appetite Has Changed

Many people use food to cope with stress by indulging more than they should. On the other hand, stress can also cause a complete loss of appetite. Noticing a change in your appetite in either direction can indicate that your job is too stressful. This sign, along with sleep deprivation, is one of the most serious that I see as a Miami life coach.

You No Longer Have Passion for Work

The saying goes that if you find a job doing what you, love you’ll never work a day in your life. Perhaps that how your current career began. You probably couldn’t wait to get to work every day so that you could face new challenges and solve new problems. If, however, you no longer feel that passion and you find yourself checking out mentally more often than usual, that’s a sign that you need a job that is more stimulating and engaging.

You Often Find Yourself Dreaming about a New Job

This final sign might seem like a no-brainer, but many people dream of finding a new job, yet they never take the steps to actually do it. I’m not talking about the occasional bad day. Everyone comes home from work at some point and thinks that they should start looking for a new job because they got yelled at. What I’m talking about is a habitual fantasy, something that is always at the back of your mind yet never seems to spur you to action.

Contact a Miami life coach to work through what’s holding you back

Even if you notice these signs, you might not know how to proceed. That’s where I can help. Want to talk about what’s going on at work? Contact me today. You’ll be happy you did.