How to Make Positive Changes and Stick to Them

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How to Make Positive Changes and Stick to Them

We all have parts of ourselves—habits and passions we’ve formed—that we’d like to grow and allow to flourish. Unfortunately, sometimes these parts of ourselves tend fall to the wayside. As modern men and women, there always seems to be a million other things that need to get done, and stopping to focus on our own self-care seems unimportant in comparison. But taking the time to breathe, develop self-care goals, and implement positive changes in life are always worthy.

Here are four great, simple-to-implement tips to bring balance to your life as you learn how to make positive changes and stick to them:

  1. Break it down into bite sized goals.
  2. Remain patient and practice self-love.
  3. Develop a contingency plan.
  4. Tell someone.

Break It Down

Slow and steady wins the race. We’ve all heard the story of the tortoise and the hare. When it comes to positive personal growth, the tortoise is the one to be. By breaking down our larger goals into small, bite sized pieces, we allow ourselves the personal breathing room to build a habit one step at a time. Instead of thinking about our development as something that we can just turn around and embody tomorrow, try thinking about what you can manage one day at a time. Does that mean starting with 60 seconds a day? We know ourselves better than anyone, what will you be able to start with? Stamina and habits take time to build.

Practice Self-Love

One of the most rejuvenating and least time consuming things you can do is to practice self-love. Life is not meant to be a straight line where every day goes according to plan. Practice patience and forgive yourself for days that you don’t keep to your goals, moments that you lose your cool. That is normal, human even. Take a breath and love yourself just for that.

Make A Plan

Everyone has down days, chaotic days, sick days, family hosting days… even great, fun adventurous days where, one way or another, plans have changed. Developing a strategy around how to make positive changes in your life has to take those detours into account. What are you going to do when your parents come to visit? When your daughter is sick and your carefully cultivated self-care routine has to be chucked out the window? Think about how you can adapt or utilize another moment in the day.

Tell Someone

Another great way to learn how to make positive changes and stick to them is to tell someone your plans. It doesn’t need to be a proclamation to the world but letting someone—a best friend, sibling, partner—know what your goals are helps keep you accountable and allows them the opportunity to support you when welcome. It also offers positive reinforcement and can be fun while you’re at it!

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