Live Balanced and Bold

zcsirkin Self Care

Vibrant health is a state of mind. I learned that thirty years ago from my doctor, who taught me that I am more than just my body. The lessons he gifted to me showed me that my attitude and how I think and feel has everything to do with the degree of health, vibrancy, and success I can achieve. I also learned how to clear my mind of everyday fears and negative thoughts that robbed me of inner peace and joy.

What I realized was that it was up to me to create health and success, to hold myself accountable, to learn how to be well, and to do whatever it takes to find inner peace. I was suddenly free in a way I had never been. Learning to use the power of my mind was life-changing.

You too can change your life with the same eye-opening lessons I learned. You can find a happier, bolder life by taking charge, holding yourself accountable, and learning how to create a healthier, more successful you. You will learn to step forward with your best and most authentic self, every time. Nothing — and no one — will be able to hold you back. Because you hold the key. And there is freedom in finally realizing that no one else is responsible for your happiness, joy, or health.

My 5-Step Program, Live Balanced and Bold, creates a framework, a paradigm, that helps you learn to live in the present, be open, and be ready receive all of life’s possibilities. I will teach you how to achieve your personal and professional goals, so you can get unstuck and move forward in the best possible way. You’ll create new patterns, discover and honor yourself anew, live boldly from a balanced perspective, with joy in your heart and peace in your mind.

The basis for my Live Balanced & Bold Program creates a foundation for lifelong success, easing fear and eliminating inaction and uncertainty. The basic principles of the program are:

  • SELF-DISCOVERY: Discover and identify what’s not working in your life. Bring your conscious mind to the problem and find your personal truth.
  • VISION: Determine where you want to go and what that might look and feel like.
  • ACTION STEPS and ACCOUNTABILITY: Define attainable steps that lead toward greater successes. Break down the problem into bite-sized pieces and commit.
  • ENABLE THE CHANGE: Using tools, such as Bach Flower Remedies, mind-based and technology tools, accountability, focus, self-parenting, and making time to smell the roses will transform your life to fulfill and nurture your physical, emotional, and spiritual being.
  • CEMENT THE NEW BEHAVIOR: Find your inspiration to continue, find ways to reward yourself, and celebrate your accomplishments.

Through every step, I will be there to provide ongoing accountability and focus as you need it! We will work together until you are living balanced and bold, in a way that feels good for you!

To learn more about me, what I’m passionate about, and how I live such a vibrant life, click here for information on watching my latest interview for the Live Vegan Vibrantly Summit.