Start the New Year Right: 5 Ways a Life Coach Can Help

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Start the New Year Right: 5 Ways a Life Coach Can Help

It’s the turn of yet another new year! What better time to think about bettering yourself? When you held up your drink at midnight and kissed the loved one beside you, you might have thought about 2018 and how you plan to make it better than last year. Were you unsure of your goals or unclear on how to achieve them? A life coach can help.

With each passing year, life seems to get busier. Work starts earlier and ends later. Dinner is never at five o’clock and rarely takes place as a family anymore. Leisure time is becoming scarce. So finding the time to research the changes you want to make to your life is sometimes harder than making the changes themselves.

With a life coach, you’re gaining access to an abundance of information with just one 30-minute phone call. This quick meeting could be the start of the rest of your new life. Here are five ways a coach can help you:

They Have Established Contacts 

A life coach is an expert in their field. Just as you trust a doctor to address your health or an attorney to protect your rights, you should allow a professional to help steer you in the right direction. That’s what a coach is: a guide.

As a guide, they can not only help you discover more about yourself, but also connect you with professionals in other fields. They understand that, although they have much to offer you, their services might not fully meet your needs. And like a doctor giving you a referral, they know the best people to send you to.

They Can Help Offer You Diverse Forms of Help

As a life coach works with you, they will home in on what is keeping you from reaching your goals. They don’t approach your situation with a single perspective. When you meet with them, they won’t dissect your issue only to give you a solution from a perspective of tunnel-vision. What they do is much more well-rounded.

Using their expertise and your personality, a life coach can help you in a diverse number of ways. If you’re stressed, they can teach you meditation, breathing exercises, and other stress-reducing strategies. They can help you get organized: helping to prioritize your goals and set boundaries are just a few of the ways a life coach can help you succeed.

They Work with Your Needs

No two people are alike. No one faces the same challenges that you do. No one has the same fears or desires. People might be similar, but a life coach can determine a course of action for you to follow to best address the obstacles of your personal journey.

They Have an Outsider’s Perspective

We’ve all heard of the expression “having another pair of eyes on it,” right? Any time you’ve worked on a project for work or school, you’ve probably had someone else take a look at it before turning it in. Why? Because it’s easy to miss mistakes, both small and large. All of us lose perspective at some point, and it’s often helpful to have someone else there to take a look and tell us what they think.

In the same way that a student is too close to their essay project to notice that the argument doesn’t work, your perspective on your life could be skewed. It’s possible that you’ve identified some of the challenges that you need to overcome to better yourself, but having an outside perspective might lead to solutions that you could never think of on your own. How many times have you approached a problem just to find yourself back where you started? In a way, a coach can be your editor.

A life coach has the ability to help you forge new ways of thinking, attracting new ideas and ways to improve your overall quality of life. A coach wants to see you better yourself. And they’ll use their knowledge to help you get to where you are going.

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