Lisa Wilson, CEO/Founder at Aspen Center for Empowerment


My journey with Alicia started after I suffered a great loss and set back in my life. I realized that I needed to make some serious changes and I set out to find support through a significantly emotional time. Alicia’s work was the antidote to support me as I navigated deep states of fear. Alicia was a guiding light through some pretty difficult shifts that I have been through and every day I wake up feeling more and more grateful! There are so many moving parts that take place as we leave our old lives and step into our new life circumstances and I can honestly say with every cell of my being, you MUST have a support team in place to guide you through. Thank you Alicia for all the gifts you have brought into my life! This journey takes discipline and dedication but the reward is priceless. I experienced a great transformation working with Alicia. Thank You Alicia for all you do and all you are!