Maria Pia Leon, Miami, FL, Director Advisory Services, Trust Management


I met Alicia at a social event and immediately connected with her. When she told about her work I booked a session. I never thought about going to a coach but just her “way of being” convinced me it could only be a good experience. After my first session, I unexpectedly found myself thinking about our conversation. She became a thinker partner for me, and helped me realized what was missing in my daily life. I work from home by myself, so Alicia helped me to find out that lack of accountability and recognition were the two issues preventing me from reaching my goal. After realizing it, I took action and found new ways to work. Almost a year after I started my work with Alicia I am in the place where I wanted to be. She helped me find the missing link, which was inside me, hidden behind daily life stress. I will be forever grateful.