Why Hire A Life Coach?

A life coach is like a sounding board that offers motivation, friendship, and guidance. She creates a safe, sacred space for open dialogue about your innermost concerns and thoughts. She guides you with integrity and honesty, free of the personal influences that may impact discussions with partners and friends.

Each session begins and ends on a positive note, in a warm and comfortable setting, either physical or virtual, that allows you to vent, relax, and create the structure needed to achieve your goals.

Whether struggling with time management, finding your right livelihood, relationship issues, or managing the pressures associated with your physical illness or that of a loved one, coaching can help create greater self-awareness, set goals, create a healthier and more harmonious lifestyle, reduce stress, discover the best in yourself, and, as a result, improve your self-confidence.

Life Coaching involves the support of a professional coach to assist with goal setting and achieving your objectives using a gentle yet structured approach. Coaching helps you to focus on solutions and actions that will achieve your goals. Rather than focus on the present, it helps you to look forward and create a path to a state which better serves you. It can help you to achieve balance in your life and to see talents within yourself and opportunities you may not otherwise have seen.
Life Coaching is helpful in addressing the following types of challenges:

  • Career changes, or struggling with an unfulfilling career
  • Overwhelming responsibilities with a To Do list that never seems to get done
  • Dealing with the illness of a family member or friend
  • Managing the stress associated with caring for an aging parent
    Struggling with work/life balance
  • Defining and achieving better health and fitness goals

What to expect: During your first session, your personal achievement coach will perform a detailed intake with you to identify your concerns, possible root cause and any extraneous factors which may impact the process. She will discuss the coaching process with you and make sure that you are comfortable. If you have a clear goal in mind, then she will work with you on tools and techniques to take steps toward your goal while reducing your stress. If you are struggling with setting goals, then she will plan exercises with you that will aid in your personal reflection and priority setting. Your coaching session will be held in a completely confidential environment, either in our office, by phone or Skype.

Coaching requires a commitment to the process but taking the first step is the most difficult. Your coach will help guide you through the rest. During your first session, you will collaboratively come up with a plan that works for you and balances your time availability with the pace at which you would like to achieve your goals. Clearly, this is a trade-off but one that your coach will work through with you. A series of sessions will be booked in advance as we find that while changing session times and dates is always possible, having them in the calendar in advance will facilitate the check-ins with your coach so important to realizing the transforms you seek.

Knowing that it takes time to burn new programs into our brains, it is important that even once you begin to make progress, you complete your series of sessions as otherwise, it is possible to backslide into old habits. But if you are ready to make some transforms to gain more control and satisfaction in your life, coaching is a wonderful way to make this happen.