Alicia Sirkin, BFRP, specializes in wholistic personal development. Her coaching is heartfelt and compassionate. An internationally published author, speaker, practitioner-educator and researcher in the use of the Bach remedy system and educator in the use of whole foods and relaxation, she applies known body mind and spirit techniques to all aspects of coaching. An expert in aggregating modalities to gain a clear understanding of a person's potential and perceived roadblocks, she creates a program tailored to each individual's needs.

Alicia's skillful coaching and unique teaching methods are designed to enhance personal strengths, boost self-confidence and develop new skills appropriate for reaching goals, no matter what the situation. At the heart of Alicia’s work is a strong intention for each individual to create a path to live their potential by cultivating self-acceptance and inner peace.

Clients develop greater self-awareness and discover resources that allow them to develop life-changing beliefs and behaviors. Many report a new freedom to move forward with greater happiness, stronger in their ability to cope with difficult situations. Experience the benefits yourself and discover how you can improve your life.

Alicia Sirkin

Director of The Sirkin

Creative Living Center

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