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Bach Flower Remedies for Mindset Positivity

Decades ago, when I could fly on an airplane without being nauseous, regurgitating my food and experiencing the inside of the plane spinning to black, I KNEW Bach flower remedies were very powerful! I’m grateful to my doctor who recommended them. 

What happened? Anxious states of mind causing my physical symptoms began dissolving away and no longer affected me negatively. The significant positive shifts were life-changing! I was filled with hope and courage. Is this what you need?

Bach remedies: What they are and how they can help

Developed in the 1930’s by a British physician and scientist, Edward Bach, the remedies are a system of 38 single flower liquids taken to restore positivity to mental and emotional imbalances.

You won’t use them for physical symptoms. Instead, you’ll benefit from their rebalancing effects on up to seven negative mind states at once when used in combination, including mood and personality type imbalances. They are used worldwide.

Bach flower remedies restore hope and calm, faith and trust, courage, patience and tolerance…and more. 

Even though I use meditation, breathing and positive self-talk to brighten my mindset there are times when I’m not getting enough of their positive effects. It’s at these times that I take the Bach remedies as a catalyst for shifting my mind states for the better. And they do! 

Of course you’ll need to know how to select them properly for your specific issues, prepare and dose for best results, as they are not the same as over the counter drugs, natural supplements or even classic homeopathic medicines.

You can use them to calm and comfort yourself after accidents and emergencies or during a great upset or loss. Take them when you want to ease or release all kinds of fear, overwhelm, sadness, anger, disappointment, guilt, procrastination, indecision, and physical, emotional or mental tiredness. There are so many other benefits and you can easily learn how to use them yourself. 

Which of these remedies can help you now?

We are living in historic times filled with many unknowns, requiring us to be resilient and adaptable. Can you keep up? Whenever you struggle to restore inner harmony and balance, below are four of the many Bach remedy options to consider:

Rescue Remedy:  This 5-remedy formula relieves all levels of stress: emotional after effects of emergencies, shock, trauma. All fears great or small, upsets, anxiety, panic, terror. Calming after a bereavement, other loss or surgery, this remedy also helps ease nervousness before interviews, exams, flying and public speaking.

Star of Bethlehem: For the aftereffects of shock or trauma (mental or physical), losses, accidents or unwelcome surprises, this remedy is comforting when there is great unhappiness, grief or fear.

Olive: Olive helps when feeling emotionally, physically or mentally exhausted. Life can feel joyless. This remedy assists when a situation or condition has been draining. Olive helps a person feel more rested or to get the sleep they need. It is an excellent remedy for fatigue during or after an illness.

Elm: This remedy helps when you’re experiencing overwhelm, when tasks and responsibilities seem difficult to prioritize or aren’t being done.  Inadequacy and despondency can result if this imbalance isn’t corrected. Elm helps restore feelings of capability and ability to prioritize.

Find out more! I’d love to help you get started.

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