How I Can Help You

Are you stuck, indecisive, confused, not sure of next steps, challenged by difficult relationships with yourself or with others, have trouble coping with a health condition, disorganized, looking for greater peace within for less stress and more joy? Do you crave an experienced, conscious-minded coach to inspire you, hold you accountable, be a shoulder to lean on and guide you toward healthier, perhaps daunting transitions while you let go of the past and cement in new positive patterns?

If so, I’d love to help! For 20 years as a personal life coach, I’ve helped countless clients learn, grow and change for the better by learning to positively control their mindset and shift toward self-empowerment and self-responsibility. Where our thoughts go, so does success, health and life!

Working together, you’ll find a sacred space for self-discovery and open conversation about your innermost concerns and thoughts through my non-judgmental, confidential, and caring approach. You are always valued and heard — I listen with integrity and honesty. My passion is to help you discover your authentic self…the voice that may have hid in the past beneath old unserving patterns.

Working together, your self-awareness and confidence will grow, as will goal setting and achieving results. You’ll experience a healthier and more harmonious lifestyle, less inner stress, discover the best in yourself, and, as a result, improve a connection with your higher purpose.

Each session begins and ends on a positive note, in a warm and comfortable physical or virtual setting that allows you to share, relax, and create the structure needed to achieve your goals.

Are you ready to commit to making lasting change? The YOU that’s ready to soar to greater heights is patiently waiting to experience new freedom and joy!

Life Coaching is helpful in addressing the following types of challenges:

  • Career changes, or struggling with an unfulfilling career
  • Overwhelming responsibilities with a to-do list that never seems to get done
  • Dealing with the illness of a family member or friend
  • Managing the stress associated with caring for an aging parent
  • Struggling with work-life balance
  • Defining and achieving better health and fitness goals

Watch this interview where Alicia Sirkin joins Exam Room LIVE video podcast hosted by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine with Dr. Neal Barnard. Alicia talks about reducing stress and enjoying the gift of life.