Bach Flower Remedies

What are Bach Flower Remedies? And How They Can Work for You. 

Maybe you’re here because the strategies you’ve tried aren’t doing enough… I too use meditation, breathing and positive self-talk to brighten my mindset. 

But what about those times when you feel you need something to help shift very specific unwanted moods or behavior patterns? That’s where Bach Flower Remedies come in. 

Bach Flower Remedies are emotion-specific. And interestingly, there’s a single remedy or remedy combination that can help to rebalance nearly three hundred million negative states of mind!   

In a nutshell, Bach Flower Remedies are a safe natural system you can learn to restore hope and calm, faith and trust, courage, patience and tolerance…and more.

If you’re looking to experience:
  • Significant positive shifts in distressing states of mind
  • Fear and feelings of loss of control melt away
  • A way to shift unwanted, nagging negative thoughts and attitudes, keep reading! 
Bach Flower Remedies are a Gift

My doctor introduced me to Bach Flower Remedies over 35 years ago and their positive influence on my life has truly been a gift! They are always by my side whenever I’m emotionally stuck, in a crisis, upset, fearful or working on letting go of an old thought or behavior. 

Can you see how exploring this remedy system might be just what you’ve needed to get back on track?  

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The History of Bach Flower Remedies

Developed by British physician and scientist Edward Bach in the 1930’s, the Bach flower remedies are a system of 38 organic liquid remedies created from the blooming parts of wildflowers. They restore positive outlooks, feelings and attitudes. 

Bach remedies are made by capturing the energetic blueprint (frequency) of the flowers in spring water. The potentized liquid drops are then taken by mouth or rubbed onto pulse points and taken at least four times a day. Newborns, the elderly and everyone in-between can benefit from their mind- and emotion-balancing effects. 

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