Lisa Wilson

My journey with Alicia started after I suffered a great loss and set back in my life. I realized that I needed to make some serious changes and I set out to find support through a significantly emotional time. Alicia’s work was the antidote and I am grateful to have the Bach Flower remedies to support me as I navigated deep states of fear. Alicia was a guiding light through some pretty difficult shifts that I have been through and every day I wake up feeling more and more grateful! There are so many moving parts that take place as we leave our old lives and step into our new life circumstances and I can honestly say with every cell of my being, you MUST have a support team in place to guide you through. Thank you Alicia for all the gifts you have brought into my life! This journey takes discipline and dedication but the reward is priceless. Not only did I experience a great transformation in working with Alicia but I also decided to take Alicia’s Bach Flower certification course. Thank You Alicia for all you do and all you are!


Alicia, So far I’m amazed at how my inner peace is “taking over”. I am experiencing such an inner calm in the midst of complete chaos at my workplace and I’m amazed how peaceful it feels. It’s almost as if I’m watching the situations unfold and I’m able to stand by and have logical reactions instead of incredible emotional upheaval and stress. My focus has shifted from the here and now to the future and the bigger picture of life. I’m also more focused on achieving long term goals and the immediate ripples of stress and reactions that occur at my workplace don’t dictate my day to day choices. Food choices and cooking new meals are becoming much easier for me. Finding a routine of shopping, choosing whole foods that are plant based (and favorites for my husband and I) and using those favorites to recreate our favorite flavors has been a lot of fun. I’m still cooking many of our favorite meals, just SOS free and it’s almost freeing. I feel as if I’m coming into my own self. Becoming comfortable in “my skin”.

T. Furfaro

I have one confession to make. I almost didn’t take the time to listen to Alicia Sirkin. I’m not sure why that was. But I did and she was phenomenal as she gave me the tools to address my unhealthy habits and the kick in the bottom to take responsibility to change. Thank you again for your passionate work!!

P. Haase

Wow Alicia Sirkin is amazing <3 a beautiful, kind and patient human being who you would love to have as your best friend 🙂 so knowledgeable but with it comes great humility. Learn, change, grow<3 Thank you so much Alicia for a wonderfully uplifting interview.

Maria Pia Leon, Miami, FL

I met Alicia at a social event and immediately connected with her. When she told about her work I booked a session. I never thought about going to a coach but just her “way of being” convinced me it could only be a good experience. After my first session, I unexpectedly found myself thinking about our conversation. She became a thinker partner for me, and helped me realized what was missing in my daily life. I work from home by myself, so Alicia helped me to find out that lack of accountability and recognition were the two issues preventing me from reaching my goal. After realizing it, I took action and found new ways to work. Almost a year after I started my work with Alicia I am in the place where I wanted to be. She helped me find the missing link, which was inside me, hidden behind daily life stress. I will be forever grateful.

M. M., Miami, FL

Client with chronic anxiety, unresolved grief and sleep issues: “We had a coaching session 2 ½ months ago and I wanted to give you an update. I’m noticing a huge difference with my anxiety and mental chatter. I’m really surprised how well I’m handling things.

A.C., White Plains, New York

Bach Flower Essences have changed my life tremendously. After going through counseling for the past three years, I feel that the essences have radically brought me more health in the past two and a half weeks than the time and intensity combined in all my three years of receiving conventional counseling. The essences are truly one of God’s miracles. Synthetic chemicals and drugs were totally out of the question for me. I wouldn’t even consider them. I have always believed that if we as human beings come from the earth, why shouldn’t our healing? I spread the word about Bach Flower Essences because I imagine a world where everyone partakes in their individual mental, spiritual and physical health and well-being. A million thanks Alicia, I’m now able to move (with greater ease) into more productive, healthier and happier cycles in my life.

V. Martinez, Miami, Florida

I always think of you at my darkest times, because I know you can help coach me with the [Bach] Flowers. There have been difficult moments in my life the past year that I have been able to get through because of the essences and because of you. You help me see what I am going through and you help me with your wonderful knowledge of these Flowers to put together the right formula.