4 Ways a Digital Detox Can Create Mindful Connections and Eliminate Stress

zcsirkin Life Lessons, Self Care

I’ve always thought summer was a great time to reconnect with friends and family. The weather’s nice, there are lots of things to do—summertime is the ultimate family and friendship season. With today’s technology, however, that may be changing. In the last decade, social media has allowed friends to stay connected all year, even over long distances. Even complete strangers can meet through social media and get to know one another. Technology—smartphones, laptops, tablets—has become so entrenched in our lives that it’s hard to imagine what a day would look like without it, let alone spend time away from it.

But sometimes that’s exactly what we need to do. We need to disconnect to connect.

Putting the phone away might be what you need to nurture your social connections and get rid of that stress this summer. With work and home life vying for your time, cutting the time you spend on social media and the internet will allow you to spend more time doing more meaningful things.

Here are four more ways a digital detox can help you create mindful connections and eliminate stress this summer:

You’ll Be More Thoughtful

With your current relationship to email, social media, and texting, you probably don’t have a lot of mental energy to dedicate to being thoughtful. When you decide to go on a digital detox, you’ll notice that your thoughts go a bit deeper. Whether you like to unwind with a book, a movie, or just with some conversation, that extra energy will go a long way to aid your curiosity and engagement.

Your Focus Will Shift

When you put the phone away, you’ll realize that the time you spent on social media and dealing with business electronically isn’t the only way. You’ll realize when you go out with friends and family that you weren’t focused on the right things.

Your Mind Will Be Less Fragmented

Multitasking is the new norm. That’s why we have to dedicate so much time to working on a work-life balance in the first place. Getting rid of just one thing that you have to focus on, like that email notification on you smartphone, will help you achieve that balance faster.

Your Conversations Will Be More Meaningful

If you’re looking to create a more intimate or engaging environment for your friendships or romantic relationships, a digital detox is the perfect thing for you. Rather than looking down at your phone or tablet every minute and losing focus on the conversation, you’ll be able to make it through an entire chat unhindered.

Whatever your summer plans are, it’s a great time to impose a digital detox, even if it’s only 24 hours, so you can focus on creating conscious connections and being more mindful of your social wellness.