5 Ways to Maintain Mindfulness While Eating

zcsirkin Life Lessons, Self Care

Maintaining mindfulness is not always the easiest thing to do. Maintaining a good diet isn’t either. Combining the two, however, will promote healthy eating habits, weight loss, and overall wellness in the body. The question then becomes: How do you maintain mindfulness when you are eating?

Here are 5 great ways that you can stay mindful while you are eating:

Take the time to savor each bite of your food

The more you eat, the less you taste. The less you eat, the more you taste. Savor each bite of your food. Pay close attention to the sensations that you feel as you are eating. When you pay close attention to each bite, you will find yourself eating more slowly, and you will find yourself feeling full after eating smaller portions, both of which benefit whole body wellness.

Eat a whole food, plant-based diet

Macrobiotic, plant-based diets are the best for mental clarity and mindfulness. Eating meat and too many simple carbohydrates leads to brain fog which clouds not only your current thinking but also plays a role in memory loss and cognitive decline.

Think about what you are eating

This one is simple. Mindfulness is about staying in the moment. When consuming a meal, you want to pay attention to that meal. Don’t allow your mind to wander to past events or things in the future. Think only about what you are currently doing and you will find yourself enjoying the food a lot more than you otherwise would.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is never more important than it is during the summer season. The very best time for getting all the water that you need is during your meals. Not only will it assist with your digestion, but it will also promote healing in the body. Aim to get at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water every single day. More is better, a little less won’t hurt, but it’s a good number to aim for.

Use all your senses

Most people only use one sense when they eat: taste. Utilizing other senses will help you appreciate the food more and stay in the moment. The next time you have a meal, take everything in as much as possible. Inhale the aroma coming off of the food. What flavors can you pick out via smell alone? Look at the shapes, richness, and colors of the food.

Maintaining mindfulness while you eat is not difficult, but utilizing the tips in this article will certainly help you in your struggle with staying in the moment. Out of the tips listed here, maintaining a macrobiotic, plant-based diet might be one of the best. Mental clarity is the key to mindfulness. When you can’t think straight, nothing else really works right either. With that in mind, switch up your diet, drink your water, and pay attention to the food that you are eating. Your diet and overall wellness will be much better for it.