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A Vibrant Mind is the Path to a Vibrant Life

Posted by zcsirkin on  February 27, 2016

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Category: Life Lessons, Self Care
In a world where stress, bad health, and unhappiness are running rampant, it is important to take a moment to focus on one of the most important things guiding our lives: our mindsets. Our mindset determines the outset of our lives. A vibrant mind is the path to a vibrant life. Setting an intention in your mind is the first step to the life you want to live. An important part of that intention is

Live Balanced and Bold

Posted by zcsirkin on  January 31, 2016

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Category: Self Care
Vibrant health is a state of mind. I learned that thirty years ago from my doctor, who taught me that I am more than just my body. The lessons he gifted to me showed me that my attitude and how I think and feel has everything to do with the degree of health, vibrancy, and success I can achieve. I also learned how to clear my mind of everyday fears and negative thoughts that robbed

Stillness and Silence Are the Keys to a Mindful Life

Posted by zcsirkin on  January 22, 2016

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Category: Life Lessons, Self Care
The world can be hectic at times. It seems that the more advanced our technology becomes, the more things we have to keep crammed into our heads. The more we become connected to others, the more that connectivity becomes a distraction from many of the tasks we are trying to accomplish. For these reasons, mindfulness and meditation have become part of a daily practice for many people. Stillness and silence, in fact, can be their

A Mindful New Year – Intentions Above Resolutions

Posted by zcsirkin on  December 30, 2015

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Category: Life Lessons
Change is inevitable. It is happening all around us, every second of every day. As the New Year approaches, we will once again bear witness to change. New Year’s Day symbolizes more than just a flip of the calendar page. It brings with it new beginnings, opportunities, a chance to reflect and grow. In actuality, we get these chances every day. But we are often so wrapped up in our lives, for one reason or

The Power of Breathing

Posted by zcsirkin on  November 11, 2015

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Category: Self Care
Breath is a powerful thing. It is the very thing that gives us life, but beyond that, breathing can be a way to create inner peace, feel calmer, and center yourself during stressful situations. It also helps heighten your awareness of your surroundings, alleviates anger, quiets inner chaos, and has even been known to help lower blood pressure. Over time, stress, anxiety, and the daily pressure of our lives can cause adverse situations and greatly