The goal is to balance a life that works with a life that counts. –Peter Block

As a professional woman you balance many priorities. Your career is full of daily pressures and you feel the weight of responsibility of not only achieving your own performance objectives but assisting your team, impressing your superiors and clients and making a difference. But have you made a difference? Are you in your right livelihood? Many successful women reach this point in their lives where they continue to be burdened with a set of tasks which are overwhelming at times (did I take on more than my share or am I less productive than I could be?), yet when checking off boxes they begin to reflect on what it is all about.

If you are also a mother then add a good dose of guilt to this mix as we wonder if we are really spending enough time with our children and what patterns we are setting for them when we bring our work home or work late into the evening to complete a project.

In a relationship? More pressure and guilt. Our free time may not always align with that of our partner and we sometime feel like passing ships in the night. What happened to those carefree days when we could rest and talk for hours?

Aging parents? Sick family member? How can we possibly accomplish all that there is to do? Sleep, good nutrition and a solid exercise program are so important to our health, especially as we begin to age, yet the hours in the day available for each seems to be dwindling to almost nil as we rush from one place to the next.

While you may not be balancing all of these priorities at the moment, if you are an established professional woman, chances are you have at least a couple of these plates in the air to juggle and some days if may feel as if they will all come crashing down. First, know that you do not need to go through these challenges alone. Women through the ages have rallied support around them for childbirth and today, managing the stress of multiple priorities is no different. Many successful women just like you have reached out to the support of a coach to align themselves with a challenging career decision, set strategic life goals and establish a realistic plan to achieve them. We may hire a tennis coach to help us with our game, and a personal achievement coach is here to help you with just that…realizing the achievement of your personal goals and feeling the sense of balance and harmony that can only come from knowing that you are doing what you are meant to do on this planet, surrounded by loving relationships and attracting goodness into your life.