It’s Never Too Late to Look Great and Feel Good!

zcsirkin Life Lessons, Self Care

Staying healthy and fit as you age is not a myth. Many of us fall prey to that feeling of hopelessness that states: the more we age, the less we can do to improve our bodies. As energy levels drop over the years and a constant nagging fatigue becomes the norm, it’s easy to get comfortable with this outlook. On the contrary, we shouldn’t feel that much less youthful than those people that are 10 or 20 years younger than us. I have learned that a change in attitude and tweak in our day-to-day behaviors can have everlasting benefits on our physical activity. It is never too late to get back to good health and vivid youthfulness.

We need to change how we perceive aging.

Aging is not a disease, and it doesn’t mean, “Stop living!” If you want to feel vibrant, each and every day, be more conscious of your day-to-day habits. If you think you can do something as simple as exchanging a 40 minute session of TV for a walk in the park, or spend more time playing with your pets, kids, or grandkids, you’re already on your way. Simple strategies to increase your activities will motivate you to become lively. However, the easiest way to become healthy is, of course, exercise!

Research has suggested that exercise can increase energy levels, even among people suffering from chronic medical conditions. A 30 minute walk a day, a bi-weekly jog, yoga meet-ups, and 20 minute daily exercises in the gym or at home are all great small activities that can be incorporated into your busy schedule. Keep up an active routine and within a month your perception of your body, as well as physical health, can drastically improve.

Aging is not just a progression of our minds, but also our bodies.

As we age, we perfect our minds and gain control over our emotions and mental attitudes, but shouldn’t we perfect our bodies as well? Actors and actresses only get better with age. Famous painters became masters later in life. We should be increasing our confidence with age, not allowing it decline, or letting our health decline with it. Even if you have given up before, it’s not too late to make a change and start now.

One key way to make a change is to switch to healthier eating. Eating a macrobiotic diet — whole foods that are plant-based — helps stabilize and create high energy levels throughout the day. Scientists have confirmed that the food we eat also influences our moods, and with better eating can come a more positive attitude.

If you are ready to start fresh, why not start now? Figure out what challenges are in your life that prevented you from having the youthfulness you deserve, or the energetic mindset you hope to have when you wake up each day. Once you’ve isolated those challenges, remind yourself how far you’ve come; making lifestyle changes to overcome your challenges and improve your health is part of growing up too.

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