Which one are you?


You may be feeling angry, resentful, perhaps like a victim, have had enough and may not know how to cope. Emotions are raw, persistent. You may be looking for a better way to deal with all of it and perhaps ready to find the way through. You may be looking for a way to forgive yourself and others.

Together we will:

  • Discover and implement a path to freedom and inner peace.
  • Learn strategies and tools to come to terms with what you’re feeling.
  • Understand the importance of moving beyond your ego and emotions to logically assess the needs or cultural differences of others.
  • Learn to see things from a new perspective and transform old energy and patterns into what lifts you to a place of acceptance and forgiveness.


Do you find yourself continually mixed in with drama? Is it difficult to hold onto relationships and friendships, and you’re questioning yourself? Is your heart heavy from losses and you feel sad or alone?

Let’s dive deep into what’s really going on and explore the solutions!

Together we will:

  • Learn to apply principles of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, self-talk and interpersonal communication.
  • Discover doable action steps to create new, more effective ways of moving through your world and relationships: with yourSELF and others.
  • Discover the joy in loving yourself, using self-management tools that comfort your heart and brighten your days from a new sense of self-worth and self-respect!

Methods for a Healthy Food Mindset

Do you “use” food to hide or numb your emotions? I did and I know what it feels like. I was overweight, ashamed of my body and at times felt like I had no control. The worse I felt, the more comfort food I ate and the more weight I’d gain. Can you relate?

If you’re ready to transform your life and feel better about yourself, join me and we’ll discover:

  • Keys that can unlock old patterns (reactions to stress, overwhelm, guilt, fear, etc.)
  • How to reset your mindset.
  • Learn to make healthy conscious decisions, restore motivation and positivity, and begin forming new patterns around food.

Does that seem frightening, daunting or exciting? No matter what, I’ll hold your hand so you feel safe moving through changes at your own pace. If I can do it, you can too!

Investing in You


  • Develop an action plan to clear your roadblocks and find balance
  • Tools to help you succeed
  • Coaching support to keep you on track
  • Evaluate your sources of stress and satisfaction
  • Define what living in a state of harmony would feel like
  • Create your vision & Action Steps
  • Finally getting unstuck!


(All or part of the items below as appropriate for your situation)

  1. 60 minute life coaching sessions utilizing Alicia’s personalized holistic Transformative Coaching System, either in person, via phone, Skype or Zoom
  2. Worksheets and training on stress release techniques relevant to that session
  3. Techniques to rewire your brain to support your goals
  4. Guidelines and sample recipes on whole food nutrition
  5. Tips and strategies to find and stick with an exercise program as appropriate
  6. Support in connecting with your higher purpose
  7. Learn the basics of either the Bach Flower Remedy system or other self-help positive mindset methods to improve your outlook and mind states