Live Balanced & Bold:
5 Steps To Transform Your Life

Bring Your Best Self Forward

Alicia is a Personal Achievement Coach, and through her Live Balanced & Bold program she works with stressed out professional women who are in transition, challenged by stumbling blocks and indecision, and in need of support or organizational skills. What is unique about this program is that she teaches mind-based strategies like Bach Remedies and meditation to truly enable lasting and lifelong commitment to change. The program uses the concepts of neuroplasticity as a framework to move forward in the development of creating lifelong, positive patterns.

“Alicia is more than an expert, more than a healer… she is a mentor, a friend, a true gift. Through her patience and her genuine caring and dedication we overcame many obstacles – numerous times. Trust her… trust her with your feelings, your concerns, your health. It will be an investment in you becoming whole!” — Christi Bender

“I started working with Alicia three years after the passing of my husband and the flower remedies have been better for me than anything else I tried. I was stuck in negativity and not able to see much hope for the future. With Alicia’s coaching, I was able to realize how stuck I really was and how my attitude was driving people out of my life. After taking the Bach flower remedies that I selected, amazing things started to happen. I had my first date since my husband’s death. He may not be “Mr. Right” but at least I am hopeful that someday I could find him. I also reconciled with a friend whom I had not spoken to in six months. Overall, my attitude is much more positive and hopeful. God it feels good!”. — Diane Platek

Learn how to let go of old patterns, paradigms, and whatever holds you back.
By letting go you are free to attract new opportunities.
Learn to live in the present, relax, be open, and flow with life’s possibilities.

5 Steps To Live Balanced & Bold

  1. SELF-DISCOVERY: Discover & identify what’s not working in your life. Bring your conscious mind to the problem and find your personal truth.
  2. VISION: Determine where you want to go and what that might look and feel like.
  3. ACTION STEPS & ACCOUNTABILITY: Define attainable steps that lead toward greater successes. Break down the problem into bite-sized pieces and commit..
  4. ENABLE CHANGE: Using tools such as Bach Flower Remedies, mind-based and technology tools, accountability, focus, self-parenting, and stopping to smell the roses, transform your life to fulfill and nurture your physical, emotional, and spiritual being.
  5. CEMENT THE NEW BEHAVIOR: Find your inspiration to continue, find ways to reward yourself, and celebrate your accomplishments. Alicia will be there to provide ongoing accountability and focus as you need it!


Alicia’s wisdom flows freely. I sense a true camaraderie with her as a friend and a support person through her life coaching. The gifts I received in our sessions were beneficial on a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional level as we explored my interior process of re-gaining balance. Her vibrant energy is so heartfelt and I left our session with new clarity and a sense that I was about to experience new transformational awakenings.— Lisa

Alicia is my first ‘coach’. What I like about the way she works is her nonjudgemental approach and her way of easing me into developing strategies to reach goals that I didn’t realize I had. She follows through with encouragement and support. Coupled with her mastery of The Bach Flower Remedies, often she can help shift the mindset that keeps me stuck. Although I have been familiar with Bach Flower Remedies for over 30 years, it wasn’t until I did a class with Alicia did I become aware of the depth and breath of the flower essences. She understands the nuances of each Remedy and is skilled in sharing her wisdom and knowledge — CP Kanipe

The Live Balanced & Bold Program is for you if:

  • You are trying to determine your next career or personal direction
  • You reach the end of the day with your “to do” list circling in your head yet feel you have not accomplished your goals
  • You are making diet or lifestyle changes but are having a hard time making them “stick”
  • You lack “me” time in your day
  • You have a difficult time saying no to the wishes of others, even when saying yes harms you

But most importantly, the program is for you if you recognize that something is not working in your life and you are ready to make a lifelong commitment to change.