Work-Life Balance: 3 Ways to Stop Stress at Work

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In the business world today, stress is one of the primary driving forces. It’s not surprising that forty percent of adults lie awake at night, unable to fall asleep because they can’t get the day’s stressful events out of their heads. How can you find work-life balance like this? After all, the larger animal to wrangle in this balance is definitely work for men and women with high-demand careers. With anywhere from thirty to a hundred projects in the air at a time, the average business professional has so much to deal with that it can be difficult for them to see a path forward.

If you feel like you’re drowning in stress at the office, try these three tips to help manage your day.

Be Active, Not Reactive

Stress is our bodies’ way of dealing with situations that are out of our control. When we are constantly stressed at work, we run the risk of losing confidence, which can lead to a feeling of total lack of control. If we’re not careful, the cycle can snowball until we explode—at a colleague or a loved one at home. Overreaction to a small event is usually traceable to a bigger cause.

It can help to pinpoint the aspects of your day that you do have control over. Make a list of the things that you can control: your actions, your thoughts, your responses. By actively pursuing control of what is possible, and letting the rest fall to the side, you can lower your stress for better work-life balance.

Update Your Perspective

We often see the events of the day with blinders on. But it’s important to remember that perspective is subjective and prone to exaggeration.

Perhaps you have your eyes set on a certain project at work, one that you’ve been dying to work on. Unfortunately, your boss decided to put someone else—someone with less experience—on it. You might feel like beating your head against a wall, but take a moment to step back. Communication is a valuable tool that can shed some light when you use it. Talk to your boss to learn why he or she assigned the project to someone else. It could be a simple misunderstanding—perhaps your boss thought it was a favor to you since you already have so much going on. For better work-life balance, it can be helpful to be aware of perspective.


Breath is a lifeline. When we are stressed, our breath can become shallow and contribute further to our anxieties.

If you feel heated or frustrated, try this exercise. Breathe in through your mouth like you’re sucking air through a straw and breathe out through your nose. The cooling sensation you feel on your tongue will take you out of the moment and allow you to proceed with a cool head.

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