V. Martinez, Miami, Florida

I always think of you at my darkest times, because I know you can help coach me with the [Bach] Flowers. There have been difficult moments in my life the past year that I have been able to get through because of the essences and because of you. You help me see what I am going through and you help me with your wonderful knowledge of these Flowers to put together the right formula.

D.V., Miami, Florida

I want to tell you that you have been a great help in my life direction to get me to this point, not only with the work we have done with Bach Flowers, but by being who you are. You are an inspiration for the heart and soul you put into your work, and for the many life challenges you have worked through to get there. Thank you.

Diane Platek

I started working with Alicia three years after the passing of my husband and the flower remedies have been better for me than anything else I tried. I was stuck in negativity and not able to see much hope for the future. With Alicia’s coaching, I was able to realize how stuck I really was and how my attitude was driving people out of my life. After taking the Bach flower remedies that I selected, amazing things started to happen. I had my first date since my husband’s death. He may not be “Mr. Right” but at least I am hopeful that someday I could find him. I also reconciled with a friend whom I had not spoken to in six months. Overall, my attitude is much more positive and hopeful. God it feels good!

Jill Swerdlow

About a year ago Alexander was having a difficult time falling and remaining asleep throughout the night. He would awaken every night and would not be able to go back to sleep unless he came in my bed. This went on for several months. After ruling out any physical cause for this, his Pediatrician recommended that we lock him out of our room or lock him in his room. Neither effort worked - in fact, it only exasperated the situation by disturbing everyone else in the house causing anger and resentment. We tried "star charts" and offered presents. Nothing worked. That’s when our paths crossed. After three days of taking the Bach Essences that we decided upon during our coaching session, Alexander was starting to sleep through the night sporadically and after 10 days he was going to bed and sleeping through the night as though there was never an issue. The results were remarkable! His confidence returned, he was happy and our bedtime ritual became relaxing once again. I can't express my appreciation for you and your dedication. It's changed our lives.

Patricia Bukur, Jungian-based approaches to transformation

Alicia is a highly energetic, intelligent and intuitive woman. I knew little about Bach Flower Remedies prior to working with her, and I have to say that her interpretation of my inner world and the flower remedies to help me find more balance has been an impressive process. The flower remedies work! Alicia is a careful listener and a kind and sensitive person. I'd highly recommend her work with flower remedies for anyone living in today's busy world. They calm your mind and spirit.

Cathi Galvin, RN

For the last few years I had an interest in Bach Flower Remedies and wanted to learn more. I heard about Alicia Sirkin’s classes and registered. That was truly the best decision that I have ever made. Alicia teaches her classes with such passion that learning comes easy. Her presentation is not only educational but it is done in a warm and inviting environment. With Alicia’s flare for teaching the two days went by quickly and I walked away with a wealth of knowledge.

CP Kanipe

Alicia is my first ‘coach’. What I like about the way she works is her nonjudgemental approach and her way of easing me into developing strategies to reach goals that I didn't realize I had. She follows through with encouragement and support. Coupled with her mastery of The Bach Flower Remedies, often she can help shift the mindset that keeps me stuck. Although I have been familiar with Bach Flower Remedies for over 30 years, it wasn't until I did a class with Alicia did I become aware of the depth and breath of the flower essences. She understands the nuances of each Remedy and is skilled in sharing her wisdom and knowledge.

Zoanne, Alaska

Alicia is a careful listener who is able to "hear" the underlying issues that may be difficult for her client to describe vocally. When I have [had coaching sessions] with her, she has introduced the possibility of certain remedies that had not previously occurred to me. Her insights are straightforward and simple. She is down-to-earth, kind, and gives great dignity to her clients. As a practitioner (with less experience) myself, I will [book a meeting] with Alicia again in the future when I am unable to clearly see my own circumstances clearly. I greatly value her friendship as well as our professional relationship
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