Chad Welch, Past President, Greater Miami Holistic COC

I first met Alicia a number of months ago when she reached out to me to tell me about her Bach Remedies program. As the president of the Greater Miami Holistic Chamber of Commerce, I get countless calls each week from people wanting to tell me about their products and services. However, in this particular instance, I had an intuitive connection to Alicia and her mission, and we became fast acquaintances and eventually she became very involved with the Chamber. I had the opportunity to really see Alicia in full action when she co-facilitated a HCC event for the local Miami Chapter. Her knowledge and skill set, as well as her connection to the audience and ability to give useful feedback, made her an instant hit with all of us. I am a certified life and lifestyle coach as well, and have my own coaching business in Miami Beach. It dawned on me that as the coach and leader of an organization, I spend most of my time supporting others and spending little time practicing what I preach. I booked a session with Alicia and arrived at her beautiful office feeling quite overwhelmed and depleted. Focus issues and a general mental exhaustion. She immediately put me at ease and walked me through a simple yet systematic process of "ok, now what steps can we take to remedy this situation". Alicia lead me through simple questions and allowed me to formulate my own action plan. She subsequently identified specific Bach Flower remedies that could also target things such as procrastination and overwhelm. I'm happy to report that in just a short week of starting dosing on the remedies and following her outline of action steps, I saw immediate results in focus, enthusiasm and a general increase in energy and momentum. I can't thank Alicia enough for her support in getting me back on track. If you are a business owner or lead a hectic lifestyle, treat yourself to a session or three with Alicia, and you will experience nearly immediate results and shift. I sure have!

Margaret, Registered Nurse, Canada

It’s hard to imagine the transition I’ve had since a year ago in January 2017 when I called you after seeing you on LVV with Laura. When we first chatted, I felt stuck, was carrying a lot of pain, bitterness, anger, and resentment. I wanted to heal my life and live with ease and joy, contentment and pleasure but did not know where to begin. You first coached my when I was feeling physically sick, alone, and broken, and unable to enjoy the beautiful moments in my life. Your kind words, your gentle guidance and your calming listening ear lead me to a place of safety where I felt secure to explore and let go of past hurt, loss, disappointment, anger, bitterness, and resentment. And then that left me with what I called “a blank slate”. I remember that so clearly. I went from feeling stuck, to doing a lot of work to rid myself of the above heaviness, and then I said now what???? I looked at my white journal papers for a month, and I remember you telling me to write down all the things that filled me with joy, what did I love to do???? Well, my beautiful healing coach, what a gift your guidance has been to me. In a short summary, while I continued to do the work of “cleaning out old closets in my soul and mind that no longer served my purpose” a new space opened up. And I began to fill the space with what I love to do. In early spring, I enjoyed a bike rides in the forest. In summer, I kayaked and swam, and watched many many sunsets. In the fall my husband and I hiked through the forest, and enjoyed some back country trails. Now in the winter, I’ve started a community walking group. We walk 3x/week. I’ve bought snowshoes, and am getting cross country skis. I’ve helped get a strength training location organized by using an available space at our fire hall. Training is scheduled to begin in January. I am part of volunteer grief support group in 2 locations – we meet every 2 weeks, using Dr. Alan Wofelt’s centre for loss resources. What a wonderful healing journey that has been. I have a whole new circle of friends. And I’ve started to offer Whole Food Plant Based cooking classes. I’ve had quite an interest from people to use foods to heal their body, and so I started to offer people to come see what I eat, how I cook etc…Very great success with that. And I’m loving connecting with my son and daughter. I call them every Sunday now, and if they are busy, I send them a text letting them know I’m thinking of them. My son is now starting to look forward to our call, and we are having some great conversations. They are my treasures – my children. My daughter and I have a much much better relationship. I can’t wait to see where we will be in as a family in another year! My husband and I are booked for a 7 week holiday starting next Friday. We will be in Arizona for most of that time, and I can’t wait to have all day to absorb, sunshine, swimming, and hiking, exploring the desert. And having time to just relax and rejuvenate. Anyway, that’s just a very short summary of my journey that you helped get started for me. Thank you so much. I now feel healthy, whole, and well. A year ago I was sick, felt stuck, and felt sorry for myself. Thank you!

Dr. Jacob Liberman, Author of Light: Medicine Of The Future, & More

Having experienced Alicia’s mastery with Bach flower remedies and other life balance coaching modalities, I can attest to the immense value of her work. She is not only highly competent, but highly conscious as well. I am grateful for her presence in my life. Having experienced Alicia’s mastery with life balance coaching and modalities like Bach flower remedies, I can attest to the immense value of her work. She is not only highly competent, but highly conscious as well. I am grateful for her presence in my life.

Laura Christine Sainz, CEO & Founder at Live Vegan Vibrantly

You are gorgeous inside and out! A gem in this world and I can’t thank you enough for being on the Live Vegan Vibrantly Summit this year! Your message reached thousands and you’ve changed people’s lives forever! Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with the world and making it a better place for us all.

President of Hippocrates Docs and Hippocrates Table

Alicia was instrumental as a catalyst and coach in launching our new business. She had the wisdom and skills to pinpoint what I needed to do and did so in only a couple of sessions. I am using her services to keep building the business which now reflects my deep passion to help change the world.

Catherine Fishman

Alicia is one of the most kind, genuinely caring people you will ever have the pleasure of working with. The ease with which you can open up about your life, struggles, fears, etc. to her is part of what makes her SO good at what she does. You leave the session with her feeling lighter, inspired, understood, but, most importantly, seen and heard. She is a true gem.

Lino & Jane Stanchich, Co-Founders of GreatLifeGlobal.com

You are the power to change your life." This is Alicia Sirkin’s dynamic affirmation to all of us who seek the most fulfilling, healthful, and vibrant life we imagine...and know that we need a special person to help us achieve that goal. Many of us live well into adulthood without realizing true contentment and success. Or perhaps we struggle with overcoming deep-seated blocks that impede our happiness and true well-being. Coupled with her knowledge and experience, Alicia has a uniquely natural and loving manner that is nonjudgmental and empowering. Her openness brings out our true feelings leading to profound awarenesses previously hidden and undeveloped. In vital areas such as inter-personal relationships, professional aspirations, or health challenges, Alicia’s coaching has been transformative! We have both worked with Alicia at several highly beneficial coaching sessions. Insightful, understanding, compassionate, yet with a cool, logical perspective, Alicia leads us to identify and realize our life goals, whether they are physical, emotional, or spiritual, all inter-connected and influencing every area of our lives. With Alicia, one can adopt the best exercise program or meditation practice, find a more healthful nutritional program or methods to better express ourselves...whatever can help us achieve our true potential. We cannot recommend Alicia more highly. You will discover that working with Alicia on YOU, will be one of the most life-enhancing experiences of your life...a life that will only become more healthy, balanced, and joy-filled.

D. Bee

Wow! Alicia Sirkin is absolutely fabulous! "Learn, grow, and change " and "being accountable to yourself", I'm going to write that on a colorful sheet of paper and sticky tape that on my fridge or bathroom mirror, or both come to think about. Love the interview! And yes, I will watch this interview again! Thank you, Laura Christine Sainz, Founder of Live Vegan Vibrantly, for another great interview and thank you, Alicia for all your great advice.
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