Christi Bender, CPA

Alicia is more than an expert, more than a healer... she is a mentor, a friend, a true gift. Through her patience and her genuine caring and dedication we overcame many obstacles - numerous times. Trust her... trust her with your feelings, your concerns, your health. It will be an investment in you becoming whole!


I suffered with terrible anxiety for several years. It took me about a year using 7 remedies to bring me back to normal... I could not have done it without your help. In fact, I can't imagine anyone not [booking a session] with you to use the right remedy and the proper dose. I can honestly say I am back to my old self.

Anonymous, thank you letter

Alicia, So far I'm amazed at how my inner peace is "taking over". I am experiencing such an inner calm in the midst of complete chaos at my workplace and I'm amazed how peaceful it feels. It's almost as if I'm watching the situations unfold and I'm able to stand by and have logical reactions instead of incredible emotional upheaval and stress. My focus has shifted from the here and now to the future and the bigger picture of life. I'm also more focused on achieving long term goals and the immediate ripples of stress and reactions that occur at my workplace don't dictate my day to day choices. Food choices and cooking new meals are becoming much easier for me. Finding a routine of shopping, choosing whole foods that are plant based (and favorites for my husband and I) and using those favorites to recreate our favorite flavors has been a lot of fun. I'm still cooking many of our favorite meals, just SOS free and it's almost freeing. I feel as if I'm coming into my own self. Becoming comfortable in "my skin". Thank you letter written after a series of life coaching sessions with Alicia (with permission)
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