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Trying to Balance Work and Life? If You’re an Integrator, Try This

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Everyone is trying to balance work and life these days. Work-life balance is such a sought-after concept that many companies are starting to list it on job search sites as one of the benefits of working for them. This change in attitude toward better work culture is a good thing, but work-life balance needs to be more than a buzzword for it to work. And while some workplaces are so toxic that work-life balance is …

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3 Lessons to Learn from the School that Adopted Mindfulness Training

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In 2017, a school in Maryland did something amazing—it got rid of detention. Robert W. Coleman Elementary School in Baltimore replaced detention with meditation and mindfulness training. As a testament to the power of mindfulness, the school has not had to suspend a student in over a year. I find this fascinating, and I think that the rest of the world can learn a few lessons from this pioneering breakthrough in education. Here are three …

Work-Life Balance: 3 Ways to Stop Stress at Work

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In the business world today, stress is one of the primary driving forces. It’s not surprising that forty percent of adults lie awake at night, unable to fall asleep because they can’t get the day’s stressful events out of their heads. How can you find work-life balance like this? After all, the larger animal to wrangle in this balance is definitely work for men and women with high-demand careers. With anywhere from thirty to a …

Achieve Work-Life Balance with These 3 Proven Stress Reduction Techniques

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As a life coach, one of the responsibilities that I take on is finding ways to reduce the stress that my clients feel. For many professional women, balancing a career with family life is a constant challenge, and having strategies in place to help with the obstacles that inevitably arise can save a good day from turning bad. But how can you determine the effective stress reduction techniques from the bunk? The internet is full …

3 Ways to Reduce Stress with Mindful Movement

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Stress is an obstacle that we all face at various points in our lives. Like most people I’ve talked to, I often think of it in terms of its physical symptoms, such as shoulder tension and raised blood pressure. But stress is a psychosomatic problem, which means its effects manifest both physically and mentally. In fact, symptoms that present in a physical way can migrate to become mental symptoms, and vice versa. This interchangeability is …