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Advice from a Miami Life Coach: Signs You Need a New Job

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Do you feel like you’re drowning at work? Does it feel like a chore to go into the office every day? As a Miami life coach, I’ve seen plenty of examples of workplace burnout, and while not all of them mean that a new job is necessary, there are some signs that should make you stop and think whether your current job is really the best fit for you. If you’ve been struggling at work …

how to feel less stressed

How to Feel Less Stressed When You Have No Time to Spare

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Do you feel like you just can’t catch up? Are you constantly running from meeting to meeting, responding to emails, and juggling family and work? Wondering how to feel less stressed when you don’t have the time for stress relief? Stress is an inevitable part of modern life. Having some stress is, in fact, good. It’s when we leave excessive stress levels unchecked that it becomes a problem. It compounds and leaves us feeling rundown …

anxiety remedies

5 Anxiety Remedies to Help You Achieve More at Work (and In Life)

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These 5 Anxiety Remedies Could Help You Create a More Balanced Life! It’s five in the morning on Monday, and your alarm is blaring. As you shake off the sleep, you’re probably already going through the mental list of things you need to accomplish today. You’ve got a meeting to prepare for, lunch with a client, and about a million little tasks that will keep you busy until the day is done. The last thing …

How to Acknowledge Then Silence the Fearful Inner Critic in Your Brain with 3 Enlightening Mindfulness Techniques

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We all have a voice inside our heads that tells us we’re not good enough. Some of the mindfulness techniques that I help clients learn deal this exact problem. “I can’t do this,” the voice says. “I’ll never get what I want.” “I’m not smart enough.” “Why even try?” This is your inner critic, and, as much as it gets in the way of your goals, it’s only trying to protect you. When you want …

How Does Chronic Stress Cause Weight Gain? It’s Not the Stress-Eating

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People who suffer from chronic stress know one thing for sure: stress is no fun if you’re trying to maintain a healthy weight. According to a report published in Cell Metabolism this year, when stress is chronic, fat cells form at a higher rate than normal. You can thank a certain type of hormone called glucocorticoids (say that five times fast), which run rampant when we’re stressed out. I know from experience, and from what …