Life Lessons

Cherished Moments in My Happy Place

From the time I was an adolescent until my mid-teens in Miami, Florida, I loved to lie on my back on the cool grassy lawn near the walkway to the front door of my childhood home and look up at the sky. Watching the clouds, I’d look for images of something recognizable. Have you done that? Sometimes I’d find a cloud that resembled a bunny rabbit or other animal, a funny face, airplane or car. …

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Inspired to do it differently.

Do you ever notice that even though you’ve done the same thing over and over with satisfaction, one day you’re inspired to do it differently and end up stopping the former behavior just because it no longer “feels right”? For decades, one of my Go-To ways to support a healthy immune system is to exercise on a mini-trampoline. My nutritional counselor got me started on this habit and later my physician also recommended it. I …

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3 Relationship Tips to Communicate Compassionately.

You may not know this about me, but I was once an overweight emotional-eater who now has plenty to share about how at 73 years old I’m able to live and love a vibrant healthy life without chronic illness or pain. 

And it all started with a strong decision to be healthy and whole no matter what it took. 

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