A Journey to Your Best Self in 2024

Are you standing at a crossroads as we enter the New Year, feeling the need for change and growth yet unable to initiate or have the clarity to move forward? Perhaps you’re struggling with challenging relationships, health concerns, or the chaos or despondency over a disorganized life. If you have a desire, and are determined to make a positive change, you can overcome many such challenges! Let’s build the foundation, structure and action steps for your transformation as we step into 2024.

I’m Alicia, and with over two decades of experience as a personal life coach, I’ve been honored to help countless clients break free from old patterns, create positive new ones and embrace the joy of self-awareness, self-empowerment and self-responsibility.

Unveiling the Power of Your New Year Mindset

They say where the mind goes, so goes success, health, and life. Together, let’s pinpoint what’s troubling you and unravel the knots that may prevent you from experiencing happiness, success, and joy. Together, we can actively create the changes you’re looking for as you move forward. Throughout it all, I’ll hold you accountable to yourself, forgive any missteps, cheer you on, replace action steps that no longer work with those that do, help you find ways to shine and forgive yourself when it feels impossible to do so and celebrate your wins together! 

We begin by identifying your challenges and the factors surrounding them (self-awareness), clarifying underlying blocks and where they might come from, then setting achievable goals to break free from unwanted mindsets and negative patterns. The journey won’t always be easy, but it will be worth it. Are you ready to take the plunge this New Year?

Celebrate Your Wins, Every Step of the Way in 2024

With your unique insights and my guidance, we’ll create actionable steps that can help to  reset how and what you think and improve the way you move through your world. And here’s the best part – we celebrate YOU at every milestone. Your journey isn’t just about reaching a destination; it’s about acknowledging the beauty and lessons learned in each step forward.

Keys to Lifelong Transformation in 2024

As we work together in this New Year, you’ll learn invaluable tools and techniques for resetting yourself during moments of upset or chaos – whether it’s feeling out of control, afraid, overwhelmed, indecisive, confused, or stuck. These lifestyle methods and skills help develop increased positive self-talk and lead you to better health, vibrancy, joy, and inner peace to enjoy for a lifetime.

In the sacred space we create for your self-discovery and growth, I listen to your innermost concerns and thoughts with compassion, kindness and neutrality. You are not just heard; you are valued, with integrity and honesty.

Discovering Your Authentic Self in 2024

My passion lies in helping you uncover your authentic self – that voice of truth that may be hidden beneath old, negative patterns or fears. With my help and that of my coaching tools and strategies, you can learn to confidently express who you really are at this time in your life and be ready to achieve goals that align with your higher purpose.

Together, we’ll nurture your self-awareness and confidence. You’ll learn the importance of staying true to yourself by setting strong and appropriate boundaries for you and others, and how to create a mindset of gratitude, compassion and kindness that helps you see things from a higher perspective. 

Do you struggle with any of these life challenges? I can help!

  • Career changes or the struggle with an unfulfilling career
  • Overwhelming responsibilities and an ever-growing to-do list
  • Coping with the illness of a loved one
  • Difficult relationships with oneself or others
  • The stress of caring for an aging parent
  • Imbalances between work and life
  • Undefined, unmotivated or unattained health and fitness goals

What to Expect 

Our time together for your growth and transformation begins and ends on a positive note, in a warm and comfortable space—whether physically or virtually. It’s a space for you to relax, share and build the structure needed to achieve your goals.The YOU that’s ready to soar to greater heights is patiently waiting to experience new freedom and joy.

Investing in You for a Radiant New Year

Are you ready to commit to lasting change in this New Year? Embark on a 1-hour one-on-one private session for $150. Let’s get started with a Free 30-Minute Discovery Conversation. Your journey to a more fulfilled and empowered self in this New Year begins today!

Alicia is a Personal Life Coach based in Miami, FL and Aspen, CO. She works both virtually and in-person with clients who want to better their lives and feel more empowered. Alicia offers structured guidance to make tough life decisions, such as when making career/life changes, managing difficult relationships, feeling stuck, looking for direction, coping with health issues or feeling indecisive, unworthy, scattered or lost. Learn more here.

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