3 Ways to Create Greater Peace & Calm

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I’m so glad you’re here as I continue my series on helpful ways to ease through the pandemic with grace.

Truth. Our situation may not change, yet the way in which we perceive our situation can make all the difference between failure and success, hopelessness and hope, darkness and the light. I recognize that I can choose to be positive or not, no matter what the situation. It’s a choice!

How to lift yourself out of dark moments–A shift in perspective! 

It doesn’t cost anything, and you don’t need a partner or special location in order for this to work.

Before the pandemic, when I’d find myself experiencing fear, confusion and uncertainty, uncomfortable transitions, health challenges, difficult relationships and tough situations, due to earlier conditioning my mind either imagined the worst or figured things would never change and would always be that way. I’d have to adjust to the new “normal”. Yet I resisted! A part of me wanted to believe there was a better way.

Historically, my ego-mind wouldn’t allow me to see other more positive scenarios. Therefore, I’d sink into negativity, picture there’d be no end to my suffering and the resulting stress was emotionally exhausting. Not to mention the physical symptoms. Has this happened to you? If so, I can understand because I’ve been there and I hope I can help.

3 Ways to Create Greater Peace & Calm

Below are 3 ways to create greater peace and calm as you move through your world, pandemic–or no pandemic! And you can do these right away. Let’s get started!

A Beginning and End… Pathway to a New Season

When searching for ways to ease my states of mind, I remember a friend suggesting that I look at this time in my life as a season, it has a beginning and end, and from the season’s end springs a new beginning. Hearing this, I paused. A reminder that nothing stays the same. I could hear myself say, “It won’t always be this way. There will be a new beginning, a new season. Hooray, there’s hope!” That simple concept changed everything. I no longer felt stuck in the chaos, indecision, fear or pain from difficult people, situations or times. From that moment on, I reminded myself that this too, shall pass. Whatever I’m experiencing will shift to something else when the season draws to an end. Never-mind how long it takes. Whatever it is, I’m learning patience and how to live in the moment without the feeling of being stuck.

Light Behind the Clouds

“Be comforted, dear soul! There is always light behind the clouds” – Louisa May Alcott, Novelist

Life seasons change and so do the dark clouds. In dark times, I do my best to look at both sides. First, I allow myself to feel the anger, fear, sadness or helplessness of the situation. Then I shift my focus. What 3 positive things can I learn as a result of this experience? I write the answers into the notes section of my hand-held digital device so I can reflect and remind myself that no matter what, there’s good within the bad. In other words, I can focus on the light, the silver lining, behind this dark cloud!

By shifting my attention to what the benefits are in a situation or experience, I can feel the return of faith and hope flowing and shining within me. It’s amazing how a simple shift in consciousness can brighten a situation!  As I look back on dark times and emotionally challenging experiences, like when I became the caregiver for a close family member throughout chemotherapy and radiation treatments or when supporting my Mom through various hospitalizations with near-fatal health conditions, I can understand how those events positively shaped my inner strength and personal growth.

Shedding Leaves… A Renewal of Positivity

Another way I found helpful to ease feelings of aggravation, upset, irritability, discouragement and general negativity during the pandemic is to identify a negative mindset and take steps to reset that state of mind. I look at seasons in my life as an opportunity to shed what doesn’t work, like trees that drop their leaves in Autumn to make way for a rebirth or renewal in the spring.

For example, it used to be easy for me to become incensed by injustice and that anger robbed me of peace. Years ago, I had no compassionate communication skills. Knowing that communicating with intense energy wouldn’t change things for the better, I learned how to communicate more effectively with no or little emotional charge or judgment. I’m not perfect at it, yet I can now find the peace I’m looking for most of the time.

Inner Peace & Hope!  A shift in Mindset.

The virus pandemic has turned our world upside down and now it’s time to use every tool we’ve got to restore positivity, inner peace and hope to get through this setback with grace.

Try one of these approaches the next time you are in a funk and you’re ready to feel happy! Each approach above creates a shift in mindset.

For me, these exercises help me let go of the attachment to things I cannot control. I’m reminded that when the world around me changes, either I do whatever it takes to change with it or resist and get stuck in a loop of stress, anger, fear and sadness. Impossible to find peace. It’s my decision and I choose peace over resistance. What do you choose?

If you’re ready to take action, and not just wish for a change, to learn lifelong skills that will allow you to better manage your life and have greater control, let me help you get unstuck.

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