4 Ways to Ease Through the Pandemic

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I’m happy you’re here and excited to share these 4 ways to ease through the pandemic with grace!

Since the Covid-19 virus began creating global havoc, perhaps you’ve lost people you hold dear, have lost job security or your job location. Your business may have tanked or you no longer have a peaceful home life or treasured relationships.
I remember how lonely and sad I felt at age sixteen after my Dad died. My world was turned upside down and I know what it feels like to lose someone or something precious.

If you’ve been feeling alone, sad or somewhat lost, unable to feel in control and are struggling to restore a positive outlook, you’re not alone. Many of us are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, ungrounded, disconnected, unfocused, afraid, sad, hopeless or helpless–unable to restore our pre-pandemic selves. If you’re not able to reset your mind state for the better, your immune system, vibrancy, health and happiness may suffer.
Here’s hope! The darkness can lift when you reset your thoughts and emotions. By reconnecting and re-engaging with the world around you, you can gain the ability to refocus, put things in perspective and feel courageous. Loneliness and sadness dissipate and you feel re-energized and motivated to create life anew!

Here are 4 ways to start easing through pandemic-related loneliness and sadness and  flow more gracefully with things out of your control:

It’s A Season

Look at this time in your life as a season. In nature, every season has an end, and then bursts forth with a new beginning, a new season. Opportunities for a fresh new start, new ideas and possibilities blossom. When you find yourself ruminating on the past or imagining some future scenario where the worst is possible and feel things will always be this way, catch yourself in the midst of negative self-talk and visualize other possible and more positive outcomes—potential outcomes you may not have yet considered. Write them down on paper or put them as reminders in your phone. Review them often. Enjoy new hope when your mind isn’t busy focusing on what’s wrong or fearing about the future. 

Schedule Activities

Plan and schedule one activity each week that requires you to engage (in person or virtually) with a person or group for social, intellectual, cultural, hobby-related activities or events. Volunteer for a group that you’re passionate about. In serving others, I have experienced great joy and sense of purpose within my mind, heart, and soul. Perhaps you will too! This strategy alone can help ease or release loneliness and sadness. It is by helping and engaging with others to achieve a common goal that can result in greater life satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness. 

Take Breaks

Consider making a twice daily practice of taking a 5-10 minute breaks from thoughts of loneliness and sadness, or any negative emotions, through measured breathing techniques or meditation. Breathing techniques that scientifically lower the body’s “fight or flight” brain chemicals and decrease the nervous system’s overreaction to mind-based fear works for me. If you’d like to explore that, contact me for details, I’m happy to share some resources. 

Adopt a Pet 

Adopt a pet (one that’s easy to care for), or volunteer to exercise dogs at a local animal shelter. Caring for a pet is a valuable self-nurturing life practice, can ease loneliness and sadness and is often life-changing!

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Man is but the product of this thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes”. In other words, where your thoughts go, so goes your life, so now’s the time to take charge! 

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