Inspired to do it differently.

Do you ever notice that even though you’ve done the same thing over and over with satisfaction, one day you’re inspired to do it differently and end up stopping the former behavior just because it no longer “feels right”?

For decades, one of my Go-To ways to support a healthy immune system is to exercise on a mini-trampoline. My nutritional counselor got me started on this habit and later my physician also recommended it. I was told to buy a soft-bounce trampoline to protect my hips, knees and ankles from jarring and it’s a better option than running on pavement for that reason. Of course there’s a certain way to bounce and knowing how and how long to do so depends upon your physical condition. It’s not for everyone.

Since the 1980’s I’ve bounced listening to rock and roll, 1970’s disco tunes and anything else upbeat and loud.

Yet one day last spring, I didn’t feel in the mood to turn on loud music with a heavy beat. So I browsed Pandora on my smart phone and found Light Jazz. OMG–what a difference! I loved working out to the new VIBE! 

I was SO READY to make this change! I used to bounce to the tunes that the exercise videos played in the background thinking that’s what I HAD to do to get the energy for this kind of exercise.

How many times have I adopted a pattern of doing something because others were doing it, or because it must be the right thing because it’s popular?

Too many times, and no more!

About Alicia Sirkin // Alicia is a Personal Life Coach based in Miami, FL and Aspen, CO. She works with clients who want to better their lives and feel more empowered. Alicia offers structured guidance to make tough life decisions, such as when making career/life changes, managing difficult relationships, feeling stuck, looking for direction, coping with health issues or feeling indecisive, unworthy, scattered or lost. Learn more here.

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